The name of this church shall be PRIMERA IGLESIA ALIANZA HISPANA of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.

The purpose of this church is to glorify God by proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ and persuading men and women to become His disciples and dependable members of His Church.


1. Appropriate pre-baptism instruction is required and will be made available to all baptismal candidates
2. All candidates for baptism shall be interview by the senior pastor or at his discretion by designates from him or the Board of Elders
3. Baptismal services shall be held at the discretion of the senior pastor or the Board of Elders
4. The Lord’s Supper shall be offered monthly and on such other occasions as the senior pastor and the Board of Elders may decide.

Section 1: Privileges and Qualifications
1. Applicants for active membership into Primera Iglesia Alianza Hispana shall be examined by the pastor or at his discretion by designates from the Board of Elders as to their Christian experience and doctrinal beliefs. Applicants shall be accepted for active membership on the recommendation of the Board of Elders
2. Members shall be 18 years of age or older, having credible testimony of faith it the Lord Jesus Christ before the Elders and the confession of faith by baptism.
3. Members must have a commitment to the principles expressed in the Purpose, our bylaws, and Statement of Faith.
4. Members wishing resign shall indicate their intention in writing to the Board of Elders
5. The Board of Elders shall ensure that the membership roll is revised annually. The revised roll of members shall be posted two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.
6. Membership may be withdrawn by the Board of elders if a member has not attended the church services for a period of 6 months.

Section 2: Discipline

Discipline is an exercise of that spiritual authority which the Lord Jesus has given to His Church. The purposes of discipline are to maintain the honour of the Redeemer, the purity of the Church, the spiritual benefit of the members and the restoration of the offender. The discipline of a member shall be the responsibility of the Board or its designates, and shall be in accordance with the Discipline and Restoration Policy for Members of Local Churches adopted by The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. It shall be a condition of membership that persons accept and comply with the Discipline and Restoration Policy for Members of Local Churches.

1. The Fiscal year of the church shall be from January 1st to December 31st
2. The Annual Meeting shall be held no later than March 31st. The actual date for the Annual Meeting shall be set for the Board of Elders
3. The Annual Meeting shall be announced at least two Sundays prior to the meeting
4. The Business proceedings of the meetings of the memberships shall be governed by Constitution and Bylaws. Where there is not existing legislation, the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall apply.
5. Annual Reports shall be made available to the members prior to the Annual Meeting.
6. Minutes of the Annual Meeting shall be submitted to the Board of Elders at the next meeting.
7. Disposition of Ballots shall be determinate by motion of the membership at the Annual Meeting. Where no direction is given, disposition of the ballots shall be determined by the chair
8. The quorum for the Annual Meeting of members shall consist of those members present at a duly meeting of the membership.
9. Other membership meeting may be called by the Board of Elders by given notice on the Sunday Service, stating the purpose of said meeting at least two Sundays preceding the meeting


1. As spiritual leaders the Elders must demonstrated the qualities and provide spiritual leadership as specified in Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Timothy 3:1-17 and must have been involved in active church ministry for at least two years before the election.
2. The Board of Elders shall have a minimum of four members including the Senior Pastor. The Board of Elders shall inform the Nominating Committee prior to their first meeting, the exact number to be elected
3. The term of office is for two years with a maximum of 3 consecutive terms. The Elder Treasurer may be reelected indefinitely.
4. Only one elder per family shall be elected.
5. The quorum for a meeting shall be a simple majority.
6. When vacancies on the Board of Elders occur, the Board of Elders will seek to fill the opening within 60 days.
7. The Board of Elders shall elect a Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and treasurer from among the elected.
8. The senior pastor or a member of the Board appointed by him shall be the chair.
9. The Board of Elders shall have power to appoint such committees as they deem necessary for the ongoing ministry of the Church. All committee and terms of reference shall be established by the Board of Elders.

Deacons and Deaconesses may be designates as assistants of the Elders in the Church leadership. Biblical standards shall be taken into consideration in their appointment.


The nominating committee shall consist of the senior pastor and two members from the Board and two members from the membership. The two members from the membership shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of members. The senior pastor, or his appointee, shall chair this committee.

An amendment to this bylaw requires a majority vote of the active membership present at a duly called membership meeting.
This bylaw shall be read in conjunction with and shall be in all respects subordinate to Local Church Constitution as written in the current Manual of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.